Character Level Progression

  1. Domain Granted Power / Domain Spell (1st)
  2. Stat +2 / BF: INV
  3. Domain Spell (2nd)
  4. Stat +2 / Resistance +1
  5. Descender Bloodline / Domain Spell (3rd)
  6. Stat +2
  7. Domain Spell (4th)
  8. Stat +2 / Domain Granted Power / Resistance +2
  9. Domain Spell (5th) / Pantheon Congregation
  10. Descender Bloodline / Stat +2
  11. Domain Spell (6th) / Aspect / BF: INV
  12. Stat +2 / Resistance +3
  13. Domain Spell (7th)
  14. Stat +2
  15. Descender Bloodline / Domain Spell (8th)
  16. Stat +2 / Resistance +4
  17. Domain Spell (9th)
  18. Stat +2 / Greater Aspect
  19. Master of Magic* / BF: IVO
  20. Descender Bloodline / Stat +2 / Resistance +5 / Divine Transformation

Aspect (Su)
At 11th level, you can use up to 2 points from your Divinity Pool to add any single 2 point or below evolution to yourself that your avatar possess. You cannot select the ability increase or size increase evolution through this ability. Any points spent in this way are taken from the characters Divinity Pool (reducing the total number available to the him).

Greater Aspect (Su)
At 18th level, a character can add more of his Avatars evolutions to himself. This ability functions as the aspect ability, but up to 4 points of evolution can be used.

Master of Magic (Su)
The Demigod has additional spell-like abilities (10 spell levels’) worth of 1st–3th level spells usable at will.

Divine Transformation
At 20th level, the demigod has developed his powers to the point that he can become an immortal demigod. The Demigod and his Avatar truly become one permanently.

Character Level Progression

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