Divinity Points

Character Creation

Divinity Points are used for the following

The number of divinity points you receive is set and do not automatically refresh but more points can be gained through game play. They will not be readily given out so be sparse in their use.

Character Creation: 1 point cost
Each choice may be chosen more then once but it must apply to a different ability.
+2 to a Stat
+10ft. movement
+1 to each base save
+3 to any skill
+2 natural armor
+4 to initiative
+1 Exotic Weapon Prof.
Martial Weapon Prof
Lite Armor Prof
Medium Armor Prof
Heavy Armor Prof

Character Creation: 2 points cost
Only one stat can be chosen to be affected.

1. Str
You receive a +20 bonus on Strength checks made to knock down, lift, break down doors and carry capacity.

2. Dex
You can jump five times as high or long.

3. Con
Treat your con score as +20 higher for purposes of determining when you die from loss of negative hit points and stabilization checks.

4. Int
+20 to any single knowledge or skill check involving Int.

5. Wis
+20 to perception to negate distance penalties.

6. Cha
+20 to either Diplomacy or Intimidate check.

In Game Play: 1 point cost

2 point costs

4 point cost
Greater Aspect

_ 7 Points_
Avatar Fusion

Divinity Points

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