Legendary Weapon

Legendary Weapons Ability Menu’s

Legendary Weapons

Demigod heroes are known for their trials and the incredible deeds they accomplish during those trials. These trials are often acts of great courage or defiance in the face of insurmountable adversity. Many legendary weapons become so intrinsically tied to a demigods trials that it’s hard to separate the legend of the hero from the legend of the weapon.

Legendary weapons often start out as simple magic items, but can grow in power to become artifacts in their own right. Even long after their creators pass away, they influence events, becoming instrumental in the creation of future legends.

Legendary Weapon Level Progression

  1. Legendary Name / Omen / Magic Weapon +1
  2. Ability Menu A – C
  3. " -——————- "
  4. " -——————- "
  5. Magic Weapon + 1/ +1 or +2
  6. " -——————- "
  7. " -——————- "
  8. Ability Menu D – F
  9. Magic Weapon +2 / +2 or +3
  10. " -——————- "
  11. " -——————- "
  12. " -——————- "
  13. Magic Weapon +3 / +3 or +4
  14. Ability Menu G – I
  15. " -——————- "
  16. " -——————- "
  17. Dedicated Bond / Magic Weapon +4 / +4 or +5
  18. Legendary Toughness (I) +20 hit pts
  19. Legendary Resistances 5 / Five Energy Types
  20. Legendary Body (I) +2 / +2 / +2
  21. Legendary Mind (I) +2 / +2 / +2
  22. Magic Weapon +5 / +5 or +6
  23. Legendary Toughness (II) +2 NA
  24. Legendary Adroit +20 to single skill
  25. Legendary Body (II) +4 / +4 / +4
  26. Legendary Mind (II) +4 / +4 / +4
  27. Eternal Bond / Magic Weapon +6 / +6 or +7
    Weapon Ascension

Legendary Name
When you find a Legendary Weapon you must choose a name to which it will be known.

When you find a Legendary Weapon, choose one omen type from below to assign to your Legendary Weapon. For example, if you choose an audible omen, decide what sound or sounds your item makes and under what circumstances. Once customized, the omen does not change.

Auditory: The weapon sings, weeps, whispers, or makes some other sound. If the item produces words, they cannot be more than preprogrammed phrases.

Material: The weapon displays some minor material effect. This might manifest as illusory substances, such as seeping blood, running shadows, or slime, or as programmed visual illusions, such as a blinking eye or a snarling mouth. No blood, slime, or other material is actually produced.

Mental: A threatening voice echoes telepathically in the mind of specified creatures, promising eventual death by the Legendary Weapon, or some similar preprogrammed phrase. Examples of such targets are creatures whose alignments differ from your own, members of a particular race or class, and so on.

Olfactory: The weapon produces a signature odor, such as the scorched smell of burning steel, the coppery tang of blood, the ozone stench of lightning, and the like.

Visible: The item shines, flickers, glows, strobes, or produces some other light effect.

Magic Weapon
The listed magical enhancement bonuses are static and free.

Adding bonus-equivalent special abilities to a Legendary Weapon costs significantly less. To determine the price, look at the amount listed on the table below.

Weapon Cost

+1 – 2,000 gp
+2 – 8,000 gp
+3 – 18,000 gp
+4 – 32,000 gp
+5 – 50,000 gp

Dedicated Bond
A weapon with this ability can’t be used to its full potential by anyone not bonded with it. Such creatures can’t use the weapons magical abilities or legendary powers. Furthermore, using a special ritual that takes 10 minutes to perform, the bonded creature can sequester the item in a solid object at least twice as large as the item (such as putting a sword in a stone or an oak tree). The item becomes impossible to remove by any creature not bonded to it unless by means of a wish or miracle.

Eternal Bond
The weapon becomes intimately tied to the creature that owns it. A weapon with this ability cannot be used by anyone not bonded with it. If this weapon is broken, the bond is temporarily severed, but is reinstated when the item is repaired.

Legendary Weapon

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